Friday, November 29, 2013

Party Preparations

Putting on a party when you are single is a challenge. I decided to focus on preparing the space and had Vancouver Community College make the sandwiches. I am getting the cake from the Bon Ton, the only bakery in town (other than Patisserie Bordeaux). I got a big Diplomat cake; their specialty. But even though I got the food catered, I had to get it today and store it overnight and that meant having an empty fridge. All the prep is kind of fun. This party is a no-Costco zone.
I even tidied my closet.

The tank is ready and looking as good as a new garden can.

I'd had this red silk forever and I got inspired to just hang it on the wall with clear push pins you don't even notice. Then I hung my Buddha on top of the fabric. This is my entrance corridor.

This is more silk, but in the living room. It is less noticeable than the bright red, but I love having fabric on the walls. Hmmmm…. a peu de Versailles, maybe?

The fridge is jam packed with sandwiches.

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