Sunday, March 23, 2014

70% Healed!

Imagine having a fungus growing on my vocal cords. Getting news like this is when you wish you didn't have an imagination. Hungry?

Anyway, I wrote to my doctor this morning because I can talk. Bruce Skyped me from Florence and there was my voice when I answered. Today has been a  happy day for me. One day without my asthma medication and five doses of the anti-fungal gargle that one must swallow and I can talk quite well and without straining.

I am always humbled by so quick and accurate a diagnosis and so relatively simple a treatment. It makes you wonder about when and how that learning was made part of the body of knowledge that GPs must have. Bless them all!  (And curse all the anti-vaccination people!)

Go to Google Images and type in "esophageal fungus." Enjoy!

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