Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Flame: April 2

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I am, as you can see, doing the flame on April 2nd. I think I am first up this time. But right now I have laryngitis, so I am going to the doctor tomorrow. The organizers, the fabulous Joel and Deborah, asked for "personal tidbits" for our introductions instead of résumé points, so here is what I sent them:

Personal Tidbits:  
  • I have never ever in my life been awaked by an alarm clock. 
  • I have been kidnapped. I was actually mugged but because he forced me to drive at knifepoint, he was charged with kidnapping.
  • I took math at UBC for a year when I was eleven.
  • I met and was a  houseguest of the Maharajah of Jaisalmer. 
  • I have met five Canadian prime ministers: John Diefenbaker (with whom I flew to Bermuda from Ottawa), Pierre Trudeau (who opened my theatre), Joe Clark, Kim Campbell and John Turner.

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