Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catching Up

I went to see an ophthalmologist a while back. I realized later that I went unconsciously—like when you are flying along on the highway and suddenly you snap into consciousness and realize that you have been "somewhere else," daydreaming about something and not seeing the landscape you were in. I say I went unconsciously because last week I went to another one.

My name is Mr. Loranger but my twin's name is Mr. Anxiety. From the moment I made the second appointment I started worrying: What kind of person goes to two ophthalmologists in a month? What will I say when he asks why I am there? What if nothing is wrong and I am a hypochondriac?

When the day came this week, it was fine. I told her simply that I was sure that something was the matter with my right eye. So we got down to it and I covered my left eye and started reading off her chart with my right one. I did the best I could.

Then it was time for my left eye and whoa, what the hell?! I could tell right away that my left eye was way worse than my right eye. Now I was really confused. Turns out my vision is worse in my left eye  but I have a cataract in my right eye.

So now I wonder who, exactly, was comatose during my first appointment—me or ophthalmologist number one because after going to number two I found out about the cataract (and now use drops) and that life will be much better with my two new pairs of glasses.
Whopppeeee. Now, if and when I travel again, I can add 2 pairs of glasses to my medical bag.  MY friends Bruce and Beth wonder why I have lost my desire to travel. Well, I wonder, how big are their medical bags?  Seriously! I have a large breath meter that tells me how much asthma medication to use, and the two inhalers, allergy medications, migraine medications, HIV medications and all the crap you get in case of gastrointestinal viruses and malaria etc. Honestly, one needs a medi-wallah when one travels. 

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beth said...

True - whereas I have Tylenol, bandaids, vitamins, sunscreen and bug spray. Touching wood.