Saturday, September 21, 2013

F#@*//$%#@#ing Hip Pain

Love at first sight on a recent walk of the seawall. My Dad had a boat like this that I used to go out in often. Ahhhh.

 These jars decorate a bead store window on Fourth Avenue.

It has to have been the fitness classes. 

Today is Saturday. I am cooking dinner for friends and on a break. Beside me, my cane. Two days ago, I could not bend over nor bear to have my left leg behind my hip. I am slowly getting better and actually missing my fitness classes and the inspiring and friendly teachers.

I go everywhere by transit. The cane sometimes earns me a seat. 

Last night I went to see The Foreigner at Pacific Theatre with Cindy, my play's strongest advocate. I had one fabulous time. Everyone knows and likes Cindy, so I get a free ride on her popularity. Theatre critic, Colin Thomas was there and we had lots of laughs. He is the finest of men and we both thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is a clever script.

I met the dramaturge and Ron, the artistic director and they are both wonderfully open, warm people and they are the people who will decide if Pacific Theatre will do my play.

Just made a rather great salad: Diced kohlrabi, red lentils and couscous in a curry and garlic dressing, with chopped green onion and mint. I'm serving that as a first course with a little wedge of veggie/cheese flatbread. For the main: halibut in prosciutto (again) on risotto with asparagus. And of course, for dessert, a peach tart—but check it out...I made little letters of pastry.

I love being retired even if my hip hurts like a spike in the bed.

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