Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Will I or Won't I?

Will I or won't I be able to do my show again? Will or won't I have to rewrite, yet again, the story of my life? Will I or won't I have to write music again? Soon I will have an answer to these and so many other questions. Soon I will hear if Pacific Theatre will choose to do my play as part of their season 2014/15.  I feel, right now, like a high school graduate with a hopeful application in to Harvard.

This blogging, baking, walking, volunteering, reading and aqua porn are all designed to keep me away from the keyboard. I am working hard every day not to write so that if my play is chosen, I will work on that. I do not want to start something that I have to stop in order to go back to re-writing the play. I am a one-thing-at-a-time kind of guy. Soon my path will be clear.

Sometimes when I am walking, I wonder if one day late this year or early next year I will be walking to the theatre to do seven or eight shows a week for three weeks. I have built a theatre that is now operating in its fortieth year. I have commissioned and produced an original play that got rave reviews and toured Canada, but I have never done anything as satisfying as having a play that I have written, produced by a (great) professional theatre. And more than that... being the feature player in it.

And if it happens, I will be 66!

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