Friday, September 6, 2013

How NOT to Start Your Day

It was just before 5:00 am; I thought some commercial driver delivering groceries was having a drug-induced breakdown and playing with his horn. It was as loud as an earthquake and when he wouldn't stop, I got up to see ALL of Davie Street full of flashing lights, fire trucks and police. NOw, 50 minutes later, there are rivers of water on the road but it is winding down. I have no idea which store on Davie burned, but it brought back memories of when the office I worked in was destroyed by fire.

When our office burned, it was me the fire department phoned. A friend drove me to the fire and on the way I actually threw up with anxiety that my heater may have caused the fire (it didn't). It was days before I could stand to  breath in the building in order to retrieve papers and effects that remained. And it was  heartbreaking to see the effects. Until it happens to you, you have no idea how emotional a fire is. I was finding smoke-stained things for years in my files.

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