Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dinner Party; Skirt in Final Stage

It’s that day when I have to close the window at night — not completely, but partially — and my long pants move from the unreachable top shelf to the prime access zone in my closet; the shorts moving up. It’s not warm coat weather by any means yet, but autumn’s here.
Monday morning I had to go to Dressew to get some ribbon for the peacock dress. I took the bus there and back but disembarked from both of them prior to arriving at my destination. I just couldn’t take “life” on the bus. I find transit to be incredibly stressful.
I felt fine in Dressew; searching for ribbon, I noticed some long zippers and so I bought a couple and decided to use my first zipper in a paper dress.
I cannot imagine being happier than I am when I sew — I do it all by hand and for miles. And I never have a plan; all I have is a vision of what I want to do. And the longer it takes, the better.
Today, I got the train on the skirt and started feathering. Finally, after all the work of sourcing wire, building the crinoline, roughly half of the feathers I will need plus a structural slip, I’ve started finishing the skirt.
I have friends coming for dinner on Thursday, so I have to convert my studio back into a dining room, but the skirt will look good on the night of the party.
And speaking of the party…  I had a terrible time deciding what to bake, but I’m settled on something appropriate for the Fall Equinox: Caramelized potato tart, with onion, cherry tomatoes and an expensive artisanal goat cheese I found, a variety of sausages from the best deli in Vancouver (buffalo, turkey and chicken from Oyama) and a salad of various greens, quail eggs, an assortment of roasted seeds (including pumpkin!) and caramelized lemon rind. For dessert I’m making a lemon meringue tart because I think Bruce loves them.

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