Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The front view has no "eyes;"the side view shows the angle leading to the train.
The back view shows the train that is full of eyes.

I went to see Dr. Shoja Tuesday morning feeling like a student who knew he’d aced the exam.  I’d had a bit of an epiphany about my life/condition that gave me a certain sense of pride.
I came home under a cloudy sky, had a nap and when I awoke the sky a clear bright blue. I was still high on pride so I doffed my casual summer outfit and put on a nice Fall one and took myself to Provence restaurant for lunch. I treated myself to a window seat and had a delicious lunch in a really nice and elegant place — I also treated myself to a dessert.
I often think to do what I did today, but rarely do it. I have trouble taking myself out to dine alone so I took a great New Yorker I was reading that was rich with interesting articles and I had a really nice time.
I did some errands before coming home at a nice leisurely pace. I am going to do that more often.
In the late afternoon I finished the skirt of the peacock dress. (Honestly, the photos do nothing for me at all but the real dress looks great.) I also made a lot of extra feathers for repairs.
Next: The bodice. And I am really excited about the Fortuny idea I have. I think I can do it. I have a plan that involves an incredible amount of folding and sewing. My plan is to do some testing for the next few days. One nice thing about trying my ambitious plan is the confidence I have from doing all the costumes during winter 2014/15.

Check out the fella on the Queen's right.

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