Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scrotal Recall and Feathers

This is my dining room table. My dining room becomes
my studio when I am on a crafting tear. I cut tissue paper
to make the feathers; each feather has a royal blue  front
and either a light blue or purple back. Two colours are
glued over a wire and then the feature "feathers" are
added to each feather (and to the crinoline - see below).
The paper "slip" goes over the crinoline and hosts the
feathers. The yellow is ribbon; I use ribbon for parts of
my paper constructions that require strength. The crinoline
is ribbon and wire I salvaged from a floral wreath.

I cannot recall ever laughing out loud so much as I did watching Lovesick: Scrotal Recall. It’s a Netflix series that was first broadcast on Britain’s Channel Four and — hurray! —it’s been renewed for another season. It’s pee your pants funny and poignant; I love all the characters.
But I wasn’t finished with the dress when the series ended. So I switched to broadcast television and on came Stephen Colbert. He began with his monologue and I had to mute it I was so offended by his jokes about the breakup of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
I wanted to scream at him: “They’re people you moron! They and their children, friends and families have feelings.” I was absolutely disgusted by this man I once thought was hugely clever and kind.
I am really pleased with my peacock dress — REALLY pleased. So I am relieved. But it’s truly only a skirt so far; I have the bodice, hat and shoes to go but I’m enjoying creative confidence.
It amazes me to say it, but with paper constructions I always land on my feet. Not one of the paper costumes, props and wigs failed when I created them for Trudeau, the Felons and Me last year, so I believe the rest of the peacock dress will come together and please me. It is fab-u-lous to be working in colour. All the work in 2015 was in a white/cream palette.
The 2015 pieces had to be constructed for quick changes; they were working costumes. The peacock dress has, at present, no purpose. However, I have plans to make a cardinal dress next and then an American Game Stag.
I have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night. It’s the third dinner party I’ve hosted since my meltdown in April.
Pre-meltdown Chris walked the seawall as often as possible — often three or four times a week and once I walked it twice (that’s 20 K), but I have only walked it twice since April. Post-meltdown man isn’t a walker and neither is he a hoster of dinner parties.
So, as I said in yesterday’s post, I had difficulty choosing what to make. Worse: I had no mojo to make dinner. Pre-meltdown man loved the process of choosing menus and preparing the meals more than the actual dinners, but no more.
But yesterday I got a note from one of my guests. It contained this phrase: “Very excited for a magnificent Chris Tyrell (sic) feast!!” The double exclamation marks are hers. I have a reputation.
Read her remark gave me a boost — not of my ego, but of energy. Her kindness and enthusiasm ignited my desire to please and in doing so, enthusiasm for the dinner returned and I am very happy about that.

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