Monday, August 5, 2013

Recent Events

I have a friend, Chris, who in palliative care, living at home. I wish I could tell you the story of who his caregiver is and the story of their friendship, but to do so would violate the privacy of my friend and his caregiver. But I feel such love, admiration and gratitude for the intimate friend who comes forward to butle and care. I have spent the better part of the Pride Weekend with Chris. We went for drinks at the Sylvia hotel with several friends and even took in the Pride parade.

 C.(left), Steve and friends at the Sylvia.

Another night of fireworks but little walking of late.

 The fire escape of a building on the Gay Pride Parade route.

 I am a total sucker for pipe bands. I was once ppart of a marching band.

 Even parade viewers got into the act.

A packed route!

 Madame Banana Head.

 I have no idea.

The most popular single photographic subject I saw. He stopped crowds. (Notice the heels.)

Another building en route.  
 C., Steve (left) and caregiver, Brent.

 Subtlety is not part of Pride.

 Resting after the parade.


And for my friends after, a tarte aux pommes.

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