Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Day Ever (Again)

Today began with the miracle described in the preceding post.  It got better.

I left home at 9:00 am and was immediately blessed out by being on foot. Plus it was t-shirt mild even so early in the morning and the air was rich with birdsong. Truly, it is the best time of the day—not too hot, no people, little traffic and clean fresh air smelling of the energy of Spring. I felt blessed.

I walked through the park and along Marine Drive and it was so lovely walking facing into the sun but it being so early, the sun was not a problem and I stopped for a muffin on the terrace of a cafe. Bliss.

Then I got to Presentation House (10.5 K) and walked all around it. It was wonderful. I had not seen the whole thing, inside and out, since leaving in 1983 when I was intimate with it. I was a principal founder of the centre. Kim welcomed me and introduced me to everyone including the current gallery staff. I felt really proud and fulfilled and grateful to everyone there who was honouring my long-past input.

Then Kim and I went for coffee and to talk about me doing a show there. I felt that he was thrilled to hear that I preferred to construct a new site-specific show for his space instead of re-doing Knock-Knock. He is not only willing to dramaturge my work, he is keen and experienced.

I also think he was rather taken with my idea for the show. I felt we connected in every way and I am very excited about developing another show. I feel so incredibly lucky/proud/happy/amazed/fulfilled and did I say, PROUD.

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