Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Was it something I ate? Was it God?

Last night I went out for dinner in a restaurant close by. I had nothing to eat in the house. And when I ordered, I noticed a rather clear voice so I found myself practicing speaking out on the way home. Imagine that, I was one of those crazies on the street, but my voice seemed stronger.

I came home and talking to Leon was almost like normal, but talking with Leon has always been easy because he sits on my chest and I talk in a low, low voice—almost a whisper. Then, this morning, I got an email from Bruce in Mallorca asking me to go on Skype so that we could talk, and when I started talking it was clear my voice is back. It still cracks in the upper register, but my normal speaking voice is 95% back.

Teaching is on this summer after all. My meeting today with Presentation House about performing there in 2015 will not involve a talk about my voice—maybe just a sentence. So now this episode becomes part of a long history. This has been happening for at almost 40 years but in the  past, the episodes were shorter. I would say the episodes are getting farther apart and much, much longer in duration when they occur.

This is the worst allergy season in Vancouver in decades; I wonder if this isn't an allergic response. Regardless, today feels like a new life and a new season because it is supposed to reach 23°-26° today. Hooray!!!

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