Monday, April 28, 2014

Seawall on Sun Run Day

I remain a very active walker. I just have stopped blogging about it. However, yesterday was remarkable for walking and I want to remember that walking the seawall during the Sun Run is a fabulous experience. I have rarely been on so empty a seawall except on a rainy day or on late Friday afternoons. My bliss is no people, sad to say.

And one reason for that last sentence is this: I was walking along, lost in my thoughts, when I thought I heard something behind me so I stopped to turn around and a man in his seventies on a bicycle very slightly bumped into my heel. He apologized I think (he had a thick accent) and so I pointed out where the bike lane was (perhaps one meter south of the sidewalk) but he continued on the pedestrian path with his wife apologizing and pretending their lack of English skills was the problem.

Fifteen minutes later, there they were again, and again ignoring the bike lane and preferring instead to shout at people to get out of the way. So I went up to him and told him to get on the bike lane. He kept repeating something to me in an angry voice in another language but I and a couple with a stroller blocked his way so he went onto the bike lane and his wife followed.

I saw him again at the second beach pool swerve off the bike lane to ride on the pedestrian lane around the outside of the pool. He was completely indifferent to the protests of pedestrians but eventually his wife got off her bike and walked it back to get on the right path.

And here I sit at home too chicken to pester my doctor about my appointment with the ENT doctor. Worse, I went for blood tests this morning and the technician asked about my voice. I said I didn't know what was wrong and that I was waiting to see and ENT. She said: "Oh my God. I hope they give you preference because ENTs have the longest waiting lines times in medicine."

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