Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catching Up Again

The recent gap in communication is due, largely, to the end of the hibernation season. The warm sunshine pulls me like a magnet to the outdoors and I sometimes feel that I am at my happiest walking alone in sunshine. I say alone because I take in so much from my surroundings: I love the birdsong, in particular, the changes I see in buildings and gardens and the flowers. And I like watching (some) people. I also like walking with a friend, but when I do I take in little of my surroundings so it is quite different.

Yesterday was only .3° short of setting a record for warmth on April 14th.

In the past while I have walked the seawall a couple of times, from the sea bus terminal in North Vancouver to the West Vancouver library, from home to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond and from the Lynn Valley Mall to home via the sea bus. For the first time ever, I walked the pedestrian walkway underneath/beside the Canada Line bridge over the Fraser which is much, much nicer than walking over the Oak Street bridge.

Liberace, my lovely marine friend, died yesterday but there are about a dozen new fish in my tank. Someone had babies and so many of my Rams are gone now, that the babies survived. Costin (or Fish Boy, as I like to call him, or "staff") is going to have to figure out how to re-establish a birth controlling balance in my tank. The plants in my tank remain glorious. I really love my aquarium and still spend a lot of time just watching my little aquatic world.

I got stood-up by the artistic director at Presentation House who wrote to apologize. I said I was keen to meet again and await further word. The moment may have passed.

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