Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's New Chris?

  1. My voice is back, although I am still gargling four times a day with anti-fungal medication. My breathing sucks, of course, without the inhalers. And it's Springtime! I am storytelling at The Flame tomorrow night. It is my fifth time, which makes me feel like a true member of the company and I love that. I am truly proud of my appearances and history with them and I am very grateful for the opportunities Deborah and Joel have given me.
  2. I built Presentation House Theatre in the early 1970s. It was the greatest professional experience of my life, I think. The current artistic director there is Kim Selody and at a party this past Sunday, he invited me to a chat to talk about doing my show there sometime down the road.
  3. I am a gay, philanthropic, AIDS fighting person named Chris Tyrell and there is another one in Toronto. A black one. He is in the photo above with his partner, Jim Searle. There was an article about him in The Globe and Mail this weekend, so today I wrote to him….. just for fun.
  4. My aquatic beauty, Liberace, is in dire straights. I am so sad about it and I never thought for a moment when I got the fish and tank that I would become attached to them, but I have. Liberace go his name because he is a Betta. He has incredibly beautiful fins. He is magnificent. In fact, so magnificent, it tuckers him out to swim so he lies around all the time. I have to feed him specially so that he can reach the food. Poor guy. But he has a good appetite and that is good.  I just love him because he is brave, curious and beautiful.
  5. I went to see Le Weekend, written by Hanif Keureishi (whom I met once and who is the author of the film My Beautiful Launderette) and with the incomparable Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan—two seriously talented and wonderful actors. I had a fabulous time and still miss these two wonderful characters they play.

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