Wednesday, February 12, 2014


For the past two days I have wondered if I am bipolar, such is the level of my appreciation of life right now. I feel almost manic about the sunshine, my mobility and breathing and, in particular, the scents in the air. I see buds emerging in flower beds and they look like how I feel. I question a lifelong sense that winter is to be avoided because being out in it brings on a daily epiphany.

My euphoria is partly due to being retired but having purpose. I volunteer far more hours weekly to PAL Vancouver than I do for pay at Emily Carr University. And I can manage my life well because there is so much time left over.

Awareness of my bounty of good fortune makes me want to thank …. well who or what? So I think a lot about God who is not a presence in my life except as a need. I can't believe so I have no one to thank for this over-flowing love of life.

On March 26, 2008 I truly wanted to die. I don't remember why. Then was the low; now is the high. So, for the past two days I have wondered if we aren't all a little bipolar over enough time.

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