Saturday, May 27, 2023

Leg Wound

I bleed like mad. I have grotesque bruises on my arms all the time. I bleed, but the blood doesn’t leave my body, it soaks into my tissue creating large purple-to-black bruises. Well, yesterday morning I was walking with Sheba and Nola, when we came on two beautiful, wonderful, friendly golden retrievers and they were both very excited to see us.

They bounded up to us, wagging their tails like mad, ears fully back and big smiles on their faces. I loved them instantly. Somehow, though, one of them scraped my arm and my leg. The wound on my leg was nasty; the pupper scraped my skin off. Within seconds, my left shoe filled with blood and started flowing over the edges and into the ground.

I’d had a shower and put on light clean socks, so I took one off and used it to soak up the blood as it flowed from my leg. The poor woman with the dog, was apoplectic but I assured her it was my old man skin that was the problem, not the doggies. I moved into the sunshine hoping the sun would dry the leg wound and eventually it stopped bleeding.

No one even noticed my leg when I went shopping before coming home. I got all I needed for our dinner, and then came home to clean up my leg. My foot was stuck in my show with dried blood. It took a good soaking in cold water to get the blood out of my shoe. What a way to start my day.

Through the day, I just worked gently on the gardens. I watered and did some sweeping up of the boardwalk and went into the village for my Covid booster. Then I back home to prepare all the food for my guests who are coming for dinner. I finished moving at 4:40 and had 20 minutes to chill before they arrived. 

Today began in a much better way than yesterday. Instead of losing a lot of blood, I celebrated losing a good lot of weight. I weighed myself this morning, and I’ve lost 20.5 pounds over tha past 9.5 weeks, so I continue to lose approximately 2 pounds a week. I’m extremely happy to have lost all that excessive weight that I’ve been carrying around for years.

It took forever to clean up after the party. Once done, Her Highness and I headed out for a nice morning walk together. My hip is so bloody sore, I had trouble sleeping due to the pain. I could not get comfortable. I am living on Ibuprofen. My plan is to do absolutely no work today to give my body time to heal. I’d planned to start on the wood in the back, but that will wait.

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