Monday, May 1, 2023

Sick; More Light; Victoria Party

Sunday was great. We walked a long morning walk together, Her Highness and I, and then I did yard work until I went to Steve and Dan’s for dinner. It was a great day. I went to bed at 10:00, awoke as 4:00 feeling nauseous, went back to fitful sleep until 8:00 when I was sick to my stomach a couple of times. I felt better after being sick and slept until 10:00.

I forced myself out to walk Sheba and then hit the couch to watch TV and recover. I felt quite poorly and had little appetite, but through the day, I felt myself getting better. By evening, I was feeling back to normal. My guess about the cause of the problem is that a medication I take at night got stuck in my esophagus and did not make it into my stomach before going to bed.

Next door, at Dave and Ursula’s, some arborists felled a bunch of trees. I was thrilled to see what they were doing because my edible garden will get much more sunlight now. What a wonderful improvement Dave and Ursula have brought to Pinecone Park! 

Today, and the ensuing three days, are predicted to be ideal for doing yard work. I am going to get a lot done in the yard and I’m chuffed about that. I think I’ll be going to the local nursery today for some ground covering plants to add to my gardens. Yippee!

RIP Gordon Lightfoot. What a guy, what a life, what a great musical legacy. 

The insipids are back: The MET Gala and its people. What a clusterfuck.

Heldor has written to me. I’m doing my monologue on Friday June 2nd in Victoria for a group of seniors who meet every Friday for modestly informative or entertaining stimulation. 

My dear friends John and Bunny, like Dianne and I, are going to be in Victoria on June 2/3 because we all decided separately to go to the big island anyway, after the festival was postponed, so we’ll gather there for a dinner together. Hooray!

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