Sunday, May 7, 2023

Loved "Diagnosis" but not the Jerks

The most interesting thing about Saturday was watching the last episode of Diagnosis on Netflix. I had watched the show before, but I remembered nothing about it except that I found it interesting, so I watched the entire series a second time. The last episode, the 7th, features a woman who likely has FND. I had completely forgotten that. I think she’s a jerk. There are a few jerks in the show.

I call them jerks because they reject diagnoses provided by highly accomplished medical specialists from places like Yale and Johns Hopkins. Anne rejects the FND diagnosis because her experiences like mine with bad doctors who think FND is “all just in our head.”

I will not let ignorant doctors bull shit me. I am very happy to inform them, and I feel obligated to call them out for their dismissive attitude. Anne is not getting the therapy she needs, and she is prolonging her time with debilitating symptoms because she is as prejudicial as the doctors about FND.

And it’s not just doctors. I had two friends with whom I was very, very close. They are a couple, and they deride me for my condition, believing it is all in my head. We don’t talk any more, and it hurts to have lost them. But I’m no jerk. I’m glad I’m not like Anne. Medicine is science and science is my religion. As with any religion, there are bad leaders, but the good ones are to be listened to and respected. I revere Dr. Shoja. I’ve been very lucky to have so knowledgeable and compassionate a guide.

I’m holding my breath for Monday. I am going to the big island to shop for plants. I’m going to spend a lot of money and enjoy every second of it. My gardens are going to be a source of pride once I am done. It’s supposed to rain on Monday, but good weather is due as of Tuesday that will last for a week. I’ll get lots of work done and Pinecone Park will look as good as it can.

I got my lawn mower back and I learned about fuel stabilization. At the end of the mowing season, I have to add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline before I do the final cutting of the lawn. It I add it, I won’t have the same problem next year with the mower. I continue to learn about machines.

Today in Vancouver there is a celebration of life of a good friend. I would like to be there to respect and celebrate her, but being mute there would likely serve to prolong this bout of very poor speech. Plus, I have a medical appointment early tomorrow morning on the big island before I go plant shopping. Going all the way to Vancouver and back on the same day is too much for me—especially going and being unable to speak to anyone. 

It was predicted to be rainy all day today, but the day has dawned bright and clear and sunny. We’re in for a spectacular week ahead. I can hardly wait.

Salt, Iran.

Butterfly eggs.

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