Sunday, May 14, 2023

Yay! Italian Plumb Tree Planted

Fatigue is my middle name. It’s so easy to tire when it is hot out. By noon it was 25° and I just couldn’t work too long in the sunshine. Dave and Ursula were in their yard, and we talked for a bit. Dave is going to buy a ball for his trailer hitch, and we’re going to rent a splitter and help each other split wood. We’ll split mine and his.

I didn’t finish the edible garden clean-up until 1:30. It took much, much longer than I anticipated and so early on in the day, I knew my goals for the day would not be met. But the edible garden looks absolutely fabulous! Once done, I rested, and then I got to work on planting the Italian Plumb tree that I bought. Yum, plumbs!

Digging the hole for the tree really did me in. Once I’d done the hole, I came in for a rest and to change my shirt. I was sweating wet everywhere. But the tree is planted and fenced and I am thrilled. Eventually, my head will stop throbbing.

I quit working at 4:00 to walk Sheba. But I had to have a good long rest and a nice cold drink before we walked. I was thoroughly pooped. But her walks are important, so after a welcome rest, we set off on a really lovely afternoon meander through the trails. It was 27°.

The length of time it took to do those chores means that today I will work on the garden by the forest gate and then the front garden. I have the big dog walk this morning, but then it’ll be back to work. If I get everything done today that I hope to do, Monday I’ll be splitting the wood I bought with my new maul.

This is perfect living. Working outside all day, making Pinecone Park look as good as I can. And then a movie and to bed. It’s all very routine, but it’s great routine. I really like being active, with rests, and making things look good and keeping all the plants healthy. Sheba hangs out with me outside all day, so she sleeps well at night. Summer life is living the dream.

I have a really strong and healthy sense of smell. I know where all the scented trees are in the forest trails. Right now, being outside is intoxicating. Fragrance triggers powerful memories. Several people have told me so, and it matches my experience. As I walk in the forest, I am amazed by the scents—and the memoires they evoke. I am so ‘in my head’ as I walk, due to the presence of scent, that the walks fly by. It’s a nice change from rehearsing my lines as I walk.

The ’for sale’ sign is up at Kevin and Shelly’s place. It was a sad day yesterday, even though I knew this was coming. It’s real now. 

And I’ve decided that it’s time for my mannequins to be defrocked and donated to our recycling centre. And I’m going to donate my remaining craft materials to the local daycare. I might keep one or two, but I want to clean out the studio.

I shall miss my ladies. There’s two years of work in those dresses. The Reena Virk dress is the best artwork I have ever made. The Chopsticks and Fortune Cookie dress and the Seagram’s dress are close runners up. They might be the ones I keep.

It’s clear to me that FND ate my concentration. I have to get up a lot when I read and take rests from reading. And doing crafts has no appeal anymore. It was great while it lasted, but I’m very happy gardening in Summer and reading in Winter.

I’ve been out in the garden since 7:00 am. It was already 20°, so it’s going to be hot today and I decided to get started while the temperatures were still reasonable. I kept going until 9:30, when I left to join my friends walking our dogs on a stunning Summer morning. When I get back, I’m confident that I’ll finish the forest gate garden and the front gardens.

Tomorrow: Splitting wood!

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