Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Rest Day; Good News

Tuesday was a painful day. I decided to live through the day without Ibuprofen and it was painful. I could only slide my left leg forward, I couldn’t life it and place it like a normal person. And it hurt like hell—so bad, on the x-ray table, I had a little seizure from the pain of the technician moving my leg.

But what a beautiful place Chemainus is! I loved it, it is so quaint and gentle, right on the water. The medical centre was easy to find (and full of old people like me). I didn’t have to wait long and everyone was lovely. I hurried back to the ferry terminal and arrived in time to almost drive right onto the ferry. Sheba and I were both thrilled to get home. We both went directly to the bed for a nap.

When I got up, I had an email from Kris Gabbott. She is a delightful friend. I just adore her. I asked her for help in talking to BC Tel. I wanted to see if I could get their help in having a pre-recorded message play on my land line, when I answer it, advising people to be patient as I have so much difficulty speaking on the phone.

BC Tel has yet to respond, but Kris also wrote to her cousin who works at GF Strong, the rehabilitation centre and their response has been amazing. She and I have been hearing from Kristin, a speech language therapist, and Laura, an occupational therapist and we’re now arranging for some Zoom calls so that I can be assessed. Also, they have sent me a link to CAYA (Communication Assistance for Youth and Adults). They have a long waiting list, but they may be able to help me better deal with the phone.

It’s been 7 years since my speech failed and this is the closest that I’ve ever come to practical assistance.

And more good news. I can move my left leg today. I am so relieved, but I’m not na├»ve either. I know I’m going to have issues with this leg forever.

Today has been slow. Two days of urban excitement start tomorrow, so today is a day of rest.

(No photos today. And no more posts until Saturday or Sunday.)

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