Saturday, June 3, 2023

Victoria, Hooray!!!

Before leaving for Victoria, I was outside finishing watering the gardens and, more importantly, putting duct tape, sticky side out, around all my fruit tree trunks to keep the bloody Tent caterpillars off my trees. One has been decimated; it’s like having a sick child seeing the leqfless branches and remaining leaf stems.

Then we were off for our big adventure on another glorious day. It’s been sunny almost all day, every day, since April 26 and there is no end in sight for this marvelous (if very dry) weather. There’s still no sign of rain in our future and hot weather is coming again. 

The drive to Victoria was painless. I remember my first drive to the city not long after I first moved here. It was brutal to drive the highway. I’d be crying and seizing. It was awful. But now it is thoroughly enjoyable. I loved the brisk morning air and its fresh fragrance as we drove, and when we arrived, we went directly to the huge off-leash dog park that borders the ocean beside Beacon Hill Park. 

Then I went to Shirlee’s to meet up with Dianne there, then Shril, Di and I went to meet Val for an al fresco lunch of Halibut right beside Fisherman’s Wharf. Then we all went for a lovely long walk together with Sheba, then Di, Sheba and I went to our VRBO home.

It was a small, pristinely clean home, and we got settled and then ordered dinner via Door Dash and we settled in for an evening together watching a movie. It was so, so, so much fun to be with Dianne on holiday in a home with a backyard for Sheba. It was an absolutely fabulous day.

Friday, we got up and got ready to go to the Community Centre where I was speaking. And John was there. It was a wonderful surprise to see him, and I loved having him, Shirlee, Di, and Val there as part of the audience. My talk went very well. The hosts made quite a point of telling me how much everyone loved my talk. That was nice, but it surprises me how my very personal story can so affect my audience. Still, I was thrilled to hear how much they appreciated my effort.

Then Val, Di, Shirlee and I got some Sushi for lunch and ate at a picnic table in the park surrounding the community centre. And Sheba joined us. She is sick. I don’t know if it’s anxiety, but I know something she ate in the park was part of the reason. And her paw is sore, so she is a sad dogger.

After lunch, the gang went to Abkhazi Garden, a beautiful Japanese style garden with a lovely tearoom, and gift shop for a walkabout. It was heavenly there, really, really relaxing and calming. I loved it. Then Di and I bid everyone adieu and we went home to chill before going to Stage restaurant for dinner.

Our dinner at Sage was the highlight of the trip. We sat outdoors in the cutest, quietest neighbourhood that was off-the-scale cute. The food was superb. It was stunningly delicious, and it was wonderful to be outside. Then we went home for a movie, but I was too tired and went to bed.

This morning, I was up early and left for home at 8:00. The road was clear of traffic in the early morning hours, so I arrived at the Gabriola ferry terminal at 9:15 and the ferry was there! I drove directly on board and was home before 10:00 to immediately kill the caterpillars on my fruit trees and water all my plants.

It was good to be home. And it was the most fun I’ve had in ages in Victoria. Di and I want to travel together again soon.

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