Thursday, June 22, 2023

Staining Day

I was moving like a zombie yesterday morning. I’d just risen from 10 hours of sleeping and I wanted to go back to bed. I dragged myself though my morning chores and then went to the building supply store for wood, nails and some lattice to cover the front of the deck where the foundation will be exposed. While I was at the store, I checked to see if there were more of the pavers I’m using for the footpath in stock. They didn’t have any and I was fine with that because I am so tired of heavy working.

When I got home, I had a message from Ali saying that Pete wouldn’t be over until just after noon. That, too, was good news because I could settle into my chaise longue and read and rest for the morning. 

He arrived not long after 1:00 and we got to work, but we had several time-consuming problems. Progress was very slow, but Pete is working on the fly. There is no plan, and he has little experience, so he checks everything carefully, figuring things out as he goes. He’s doing an amazing job.

Ali arrived around 4:00 to chat and to tell me that we are starting the staining today. I’ll be doing the outlining, and she will be doing the broad strokes of deck surface. I’m very excited about seeing the newly reinforced and much, much safer deck gets its finishing touch. Pete will be working on the deck while we stain. 

All my visitors like the new paving stone footpath. Now, people will not just see the new footpath, but also a new-looking deck. Then, in a week, the roofs get a shining, and I get back to work on the gardens. It’s been two months since I have done any weeding, so a refresh of all the gardens is next on the list of chores.

I’m going to get started early on doing the edges this morning, where Ali said we should start. I will try to keep ahead of her because painting the cracks and edges should be done before the flat surface of the deck. It’s going to take us at least 2 days, likely 3, if we feel we need two coats. And then I get to put the plants back. I’m very excited about seeing the deck dressed with pots of lovely plants. And maybe some new lighting.

And so, off I go to stain....

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