Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Roof Cleaning Day

Pete arrived just after 9:30 and announced that the work of the day would be cleaning all my roofs! Yes, it was his decision. I am indebted for life.

We got to work. He went up on the roof without a safety rope, which concerned me. And he swept and used a turbo blower to clean off all the accumulated forest fall from the two years since I last cleaned my roofs. I held up a bucket at the edge of the roof to catch all the crap as his pushed it over the gutter.

I was not mere decoration. I was kept very bust going up and down the ladder and moving the ladder constantly to where Pete was working. I’d get him water, fetch the blower and other things he needed to do the job. He is a fastidious worker.

We finished the main house roof and then he went home for lunch, and I was very glad for a rest. Then, when he returned, he arrived with a tool to tighten or replace several of the screws holding my metal roof panels down. Then we did the shed and studio roofs; he was on the roof sweeping the stuff off the roofs, and I was on the ground cleaning up all the shite. What a busy and highly productive day we had.

Soon, a fellow is coming to power wash the roofs. He says they will look brand new when he is done and that thrills me. Along with the cleaned and stained decks and all the work I’ve done on the gardens and yard, Pinecone Park has never ever looked so good.

Pete arrives imminently for another day of work. We’ve discovered a lot of rotten wood—critical wood supporting the deck. We have much more work to do than we anticipated. It’s frustrated and disappointed Pete, but he is committed to persevering, as am I.

Starting to expose and remove the rotted wood.

Pete triumphing over the forest detritus on the roof.

The roof after cleaning!

The roof before cleaning. This is my studio roof.

Pete with his turbo blower. Cleaning the roof filled
the yard with crap. I did all the cleaning up.

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