Friday, June 16, 2023

Good News

Yesterday was a day without Ibuprofen. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take it every day. I’ll be asking my nurse practitioner about how to manage my hip pain when I see her in July, but in the meantime, I am trying to use it with caution.

I raked and watered all day yesterday, and schlepped all the detritus I raked up to the forest dumping ground. I worked steadily but took more breaks than I do when I am working with Pete. We had 2 windstorms recently and so there was wheelbarrows full of crap scattered all over Pinecone Park. There were thousands of Fir cones to remove.

Poor Sheba was still out of action. I saw modest improvement yesterday. She was hopping around on three legs when she wanted to move. She never put her sore foot on the ground.

At 3:30. I went to Gabe Automotive. One tire had sprung a leak and so I was very grateful to them for seeing me so promptly, and I was very relieved to have the problem fixed because my plan is to go to Nanoose Bay tomorrow to visit with Dianne in the seaside cabin she rents every Summer. 

Today has dawned dark and cloudy, but with an abundance of good news. Sheba is walking on all fours and looking so happy and relieved. She is joyous. We’ll go for a short walk this morning. Hurrah! And I made 2 phone calls yesterday! It was amazing to be able to use the phone and not have to ask Kris for help. She and Steve came by for a quick visit and tour of my property and we made a date to have dinner together at The Surf on Thursday. Yay!

And the last piece of good news was my weight. I’ve now lost almost 11 kilos (24 pounds)! I am so happy! It has lessened by hip pain and made me feel far better about myself now that I don’t have a pot belly.

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