Sunday, June 4, 2023

Oh so Good to be Home

Sunday was a busy day. There was, of course, the drive back from Victoria with my beloved, but sick, pupper. Sheba ate something she found in the park. I just saw the end of her mission to eat it, and she’s been paying ever since. From the moment she got home (10:00 am) until 6:30 last night, she was asleep on the bed.

The best thing about the trip was that I was never alone. I was with Di, Val and Shirlee, or just Diane, from late Friday morning until my Saturday morning departure. I was in a protective bubble. It was such a privilege to be absorbed by these women. Dianne and I met in our last year of UBC; Shirlee is her long-time bosom buddy, and Val is Shirlee’s sister, also a good friend of Dianne.

They did all the talking for me with servers and clerks, and there was always someone to talk with. It was particularly fun in the evenings when it was just Dianne and me. The first evening, getting dinner delivered and then watching a movie, each on our own couch. A sleep over: Heaven! And then, the next night, our extraordinary dinner al fresco in cute town, Victoria. It was a perfect weekend.

Today will be a gentle day for Her Highness as she continues her recovery from eating something foul that she found on a park walk. She seems slightly better this morning, so I hope that I am with a happier and healthier dogger later today.

There is still no clouds or rain in sight in the weather forecast. It is worrisome as we haven’t had rain since sometime before April 26th. And there are still fucking Tent caterpillars everywhere eating, eating, eating. Soon they will start cocooning and it’s their moths that lay eggs and hatch into horrid nests of beasties next Spring. I ordered some spray that is effective on these caterpillars that’s biologic and not a toxin.

I also bought myself a heat torch for removing the paint on my deck. Fixing some rot on the deck and stripping all the paint is a huge job, but I’m up for it. Nothing is as bad as splitting and stacking wood. Working on the deck is a relative walk in the park.

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