Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Feckin' Self Assembly

I started my day yesterday with a lovely long soak in the hot tub. What a glorious way to start the day, with Chica clucking as she ate her food and the birdsong of so many birds providing harmony. It was a nice warm morning. Then Her Highness and I went for a walk in the 707 Forest before I came home to water the front gardens.

As I was watering, Fedex arrived with my new outdoor dining set. I ordered the set on June 24th and Amazon said it would be here between June 30th and July 6th, but it only took 3 days for the three large and heavy packages to arrive. So, instead of staining the chairs, I got to work assembling the set. First, though, I did my eye ablutions. 

 Well, you get what you pay for. It took me an hour and a half to unpack all the parts for the dining set and to assemble just one chair. Everything is assembled with an Allan key and it’s ridiculously hard to turn the screws because of where they are positioned on the chairs. But hey, I’m in no hurry, so I just slowly put everything together. But it wasn’t very much fun.

The second chair took an hour and a half to put together. The screw holes would not like up. I think one of the pieces of chair was bent. They are metal chairs. The third chair took just half an hour, but by then I was tired of fighting with screws, so I came in for a snack and a break. Then I was back at it, doing chair #4 (and it took another hour to assemble).

By then, it as 4:00 pm and I was done. It was time to clean up and then slide into t spa. But just as I was about to come inside and change for the spa, 2 neighbours arrived, Nancy and Wendy. Nancy wanted to show Wendy my backyard, and Wendy was swooning over Pinecone Park.

This morning began, as usual, with feeding the pets, but that now includes going outside to feed Chica. I worry about her when the bad weather comes. I’m going to have to teach her to come into the shed if I can, where I’ll create a place for her, putting straw on the floor.

Today I’ll finish the last two chairs for my new outdoor dining set, and then I’ll likely stain the last of the wood chairs and I’ll plant the last of the moss along the new footpath. I just got up, and I’m already tired as I contemplate my day of work.

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