Saturday, June 17, 2023

A Wonderful Day in Nanoose

Saturday was a wonderful day, a really, really wonderful day.

I was up early, as usual, and I chose not to look at the ferry schedule and to set no deadlines. I chose to ‘wing it’ through the day. So, somewhere around 9:45, I thought Sheba and I should head off for Nanoose Bay. I had a book to read for any ferry waiting. When I arrived, they were just bringing down the barrier, the ferry was about to leave.

But they lifted the barrier and waved me onto the boat. Twenty minutes later we were in Nanaimo, and I went to a bakery and picked up a lovely fruit tart to take to Dianne’s holiday cabin on the waterfront of Nanoose Bay. 

Before departing, I’d watered the gardens under dark overcast skies, but when I came out of the bakery, got in the car, and turned north, all I could see was blue sky. When I arrived, Dianne, Jane and Ashlee came to welcome me. They were very happy to see me, and the tart! Shortly after I arrived, Lynn arrived and then we had lunch. 

I have history with all these women. Being with them in a gorgeous seaside cabin on a stunning day was a spectacular experience. I was fluent with them. Things are looking up. After lunch we sat around and shared memories. I felt so good in their company, and to be having ‘an adventure.’ I like getting off the island and doing something away from home. I had a great, great day!

It's supposed to rain Monday, so that likely means Pete won’t be here to start work again until Tuesday. I, therefore, get a few more days to do things on my own. My plan is to start making trips back and forth from the building supply store here to fetch about 60 medium-sized pavers so that I can replace my wooden pathway with a paving stone pathway.

The new pathway, the new shiny roofs and the new deck and enlarged deck-side garden will really make Pinecone Park look good.

This morning is rather gloomy. The sky is full of clouds and it’s coolish outside, so I’ll read today and take it easy. I may get started on replacing the boardwalk with paving stones, or I may not. It’s Sunday, my day, and I’m allowed to do nothing on Sundays. Given that good weather returns on Tuesday, I’m going to be worked to the bone by Pete and Ali, so resting today might be a good strategy. 

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