Thursday, June 8, 2023

Working Alone Today

Busy, busy, busy. That was Wednesday. 

I got started early in the morning and had done a couple of hours work before Pete arrived with his goal of finishing all the sanding. He set himself a monster goal. I occupied myself with the million miles of crack to clean—more likely it’s about 1508 feet of crack to clean whilst on my hands and knees. But what I do is nothing compared to what Pete does.

We worked all day but took a nice break at 1:00 for lunch together in the garden. By the time we finished at 7:30 last night, I was totally exhausted. Pete has left me a long list of tasks to complete while he and Ali go on a kayaking trip together. I’ve miles of crack still to clean, hours and hours of sanding to do, and then lots of places to apply wood filler and then to sand it when it dries.

They won’t be back until sometime next week, so I have several days to complete all my homework and to buy the supplies that we’ll need to do the staining. But the first thing Pete will do when he comes back, is to fix the rotted sections of the deck. Although there’s still a lot to do, it’s nothing compared to all we have done so far.

I’ve to water all the gardens this morning, and then I want to see if Sheba will go for a short walk with me. Her paw is healing nicely, so she may be up for it. Then it’s back here to sand all day.

I’m glad to have the day to work alone. I can take breaks more comfortably when Pete isn’t here. I feel guilty if I stop working when he is going all out. He’s done an incredible job. I am so, so happy that he and Ali like the resort where I booked them a room for 2 nights in September. Pete’s been nothing short of amazing!

No photos today. I’m too busy. 

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