Monday, June 26, 2023

Sunday morning’s community dog walk was lovely because Sheba was on all four paws, and they were healthy, and because it was such a lovely mild but beautifully sunny day. At one point, two dogs chasing each other crashed into me from behind. I did not see them coming, and they knocked me in such a way that my hip exploded in pain.

People steadied me, and all was fine for 30 seconds, and then a mighty seizure took me over. I had two, back-to-back. The rest of the walk was glorious. And then I came home to dig big holes for the new Japanese Maple and the Bog Rhubarb, and then fill the new bed with the soil I bought on Saturday. The new garden is looking mighty fine.

At lunch time, I went into the village for some groceries and to get a couple of plants for the new garden. And then I planted them all and the new garden looks great. It completes the deck project. Although there were many things to be done, I took the afternoon off to just relax, read, chill and spa. It was Sunday, after all.

Today will begin with a dog walk with Regina, Dona and Stacy. Then I’ll be staining the chairs from the outdoor dining set that I am replacing with the new ones due to arrive next week. I’m moving the old table into the shed where it will be handy, and the old chairs, newly stained, I’ll scatter around the yard.

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