Monday, June 19, 2023

Sad Goodby to Ted Lasso

Sunday began with the discovery of a second sore paw on Her Highness. My poor Sheba; I wish I knew what caused this problem, but neither the vet nor I have any idea. I put some Ozonal on her wound and a sock and then we went into the village for paving stones.

I did three return trips to the building supplies store, coming home to unload the pavers and the bags of soil I bought. And I got started on the replacement of the boardwalk. I’ll be doing more work on the new footpath today, and then tomorrow I move on to helping Pete with the reconstruction of the steps of the deck.

Last night I finished season 3 of Ted Lasso. I loved the show when I saw season 1. Season 2 wasn’t as engaging for me, but season 3 (that is 12 episodes) was fun again. I loved so many of the characters and actors. I shall miss them, but I love how they ended things after just 3 seasons. More shows should do the same instead of producing season after season of mediocre scripts.

Today is cool and cloudy. I’ll be working on the new pathway, but I’ll be quitting early to do some reading and chilling because Pete returns tomorrow and that means a long day of hard work.

I’ve come a long way, baby! I wrote to Fran├žois to see if he has more ham, and he does. SO, I’m going by his place today to fetch another one. The last one was so delicious, and when I’m working so much on the yard, it’s a lovely easy way to eat: I cook a ham and then live off it for 10 days.

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