Monday, June 5, 2023

Deck Work Starts

I have a huge gorgeous Rhodo in my front yard. It was the only floral plant in my entire yard when I came and I had never ever paid any attention to its bed until yesterday. With Her Highness in recovery, she did not want to walk, so I was on my knees bright and early in the morning cleaning out a bed that has probably never had love.

It felt very good to be finally giving this gorgeous Rhodo the attention she deserves. I adore her, so it was love that had me so diligently applying myself to her bed and she looks much better for it. It was convenient that the Rhodo bed is in the shade until mid-afternoon.

I chilled mi-day yesterday and then decided to go to Twin Beaches to check out the LGBTQ+ gathering. When I headed down the driveway to the car, I found someone’s wheelbarrow in my driveway. It was full of work stuff, so I thought it might have come from Nancy, down the street, who’d offered to lend me her heat gun to help me strip my deck of its shitty paint.

On the way to the Beaches, I stopped at Nancy’s to see if it was her stuff, and there, in her backyard, I found Pete and Ali who told me the wheelbarrow was there’s and that Pete was planning on starting on my deck! He had plans to start the stripping of all the wood!!  Imagine that!!

He encouraged me to go to the picnic, which I did, but I stayed for less than half an hour. I wanted to come back to help Pete, but when I got home, he was re-thinking our approach with the heat gun.  He’s coming over at 9:00 this morning, and we are going to the store to get some paint stripper to try that. He’s such a mensch for helping me.

It’s going to be a hot and tiring day!!

Hydrangea Tree (Asia)

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