Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sunshine Returns

Saturday was a festival of domestic chores. All I did was long overdue because all I’ve done from April 26th until yesterday, was yard, firewood and garden work.

By 10:00 am, the angel piss had become actual rain. It made me very happy for our gardens and the forest. And when I walked Her Highness, oh the fragrances of the forest were a delight after a bit of rainfall. It was actually a really lovely day. I loved having a second day of rest. It will help my hip feel stronger when Pete comes back for more days of working together.

At 5:00 the sun came out. Today is predicted to be sunny and 30°, and that means I get back to work on the deck. Putting wood filler in the decayed parts and cleaning and scaling more miles of crack. I’ll be very glad to get back at it and do more preparatory work for Pete’s return.

This morning has dawned cloudy and fresh. It’s predicted to clear by noon and be sunny, bright and warm through to Thursday, so Pete and I have good weather starting tomorrow to do the carpentry on the rotted part of the deck, and to finish all the rest of the preparations before applying the stain. It’s predicted to rain again on Thursday and Friday, so we’ll have another break before getting on with the staining.

I’m going on the big community dog walk this morning before getting down to work on the deck. Sheba’s paw and my hip feel up to it.

This has come on so suddenly and is progressing so fast. The only way that I can read my emails, is to get very, very close to the screen. I cannot read the TV on-screen schedule, nor can I read the captions when I watch movies. When the entire screen in on a face, I see two.

I see the optometrist in two weeks. Then there’ll be the waiting for an appointment with the eye clinic in Nanaimo. Then a series of appointments for measuring and testing, then more waiting, and then cataract surgery. I’m going to be living in double vision for months and months to come.

When I first moved here, I pined for visitors, and they came. My how that has changed. My last overnight guest was here on November 18th, and I have no scheduled guests until August 14th. That’s a 9-month gap. I no longer pine. I have become an expert at being solitary—mind you, I have half an acre and what is, for me, a large home to play in. 

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