Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Footpath Day

My mojo is weak. I could not stick to my project yesterday. I kept taking breaks because the work is tiring. But I was beat before I even started. Yesterday morning I slept in until 7:00 am. I haven’t slept that late for perhaps 50 years. 

However, I did manage to get a decent amount of the pavers down. I’d have enjoyed the work far more if it had been warmer and sunnier. It was only 15° and there was no sunshine to warm my back as I worked on my hands and knees.

During the noon hour, I stopped to have lunch and then went back to work. I lasted about half an hour and then I came back indoors for a nap. I was beat and today is likely to be a heavy day of work with Pete. So, I rested, and it felt wonderful, but I did not stay idle for too long. Once revived, I was back at it.

But not for long. At 3:00, I stopped to keep the couch company. I was beat. And I’m glad I did because the weather is predicted to change this afternoon. It’s dawned cool, damp and dark this morning, but come the afternoon, we’re predicted to return to sunny dry weather which bodes well for finishing the deck work with Pete and Ali.

But before Pete arrives, I will be working on the footpath.

Out with the old!

In with the new!

I'm close to being half-way done.

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