Monday, May 15, 2023

Pinecone Park is Almosts Restored!

At 9:00, after just 2 hours work (with a break), I was a sweaty mess. I hate being sweaty, so at each break, I come in, sit in front of the fan to cool down, and then I change my tee shirt and wash my face and then I go back to work. Thank God for the fan.

At 9:30 I left to meet my friends for the big dog walk. I left content because the forest gate garden was almost done. I had to plant 4 small plants when I got back, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon on the front gardens. And that meant for me, my work was done. There’s lots more work I can do on the yard and gardens, but they are in good shape now and I can move onto the wood and scraping the deck. Then I’ll get to the details of the garden.

The dog walk was a wonderful one because the weather was so, so great and everyone was in a great mood because of it. I really enjoy the Sunday walks. I love seeing all the regular walkers and their dogs. The fragrances of the forest were a delight to encounter as we walked, then it was time to head home and back to work on the gardens. 

But things did not go as planned. It was just too hot, and I was just too tired from the past few long days of garden working. I went into the village and got some more hanging basked plants and spent the afternoon in the shade making hanging baskets. And then, I had a nice comfortable nap in my lovely cool home.

By 3:00. It was 32° outside! It was a good afternoon to not be working on the garden.

Exactly six weeks ago, I was weighed at St. Paul’s and my weight embarrassed me. When I got home from the city, I abandoned sweets (except when served them by hosts of dinner parties) and over-eating. This morning, I weighed myself and was delighted and shocked to see that I’d lost 15 pounds—that’s a loss of 2.5 pounds per week. I’ve been a rebound dieter for the past 8 years. I lose it, I gain it, I lose it again. I hope that this time, I keep my weight down. 

What a relief! This morning, I was walking normally and without pain. For the past several days, my hips have ached, and my walking has been that of an old, old man. But no more! One day off, yesterday, and all is much, much better. 

So, back to work I go. Today’s tasks are the front two gardens, and then I am done. Pinecone Park will be restored to full glory and tomorrow, I will move onto the splitting and stacking of the wood I purchased. Once that is done, there is the wood in the forest at the back end of my lot left by Joe for me to split and stack. By the end of all the wood work, I will likely lose another 10 pounds.

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