Thursday, May 22, 2014


2:00 pm, May 21, 2014; Lonsdale Quay.

Fucking, pinch me. It is real. Presentation House is going to produce my show, HoMe, in April 2015 or June 2015. Hearing Kim explain how the work-shopping would work and how production meetings would play out was like hearing Christiano Renaldo say: “First I am going to take off your clothes and then I am going to fill your body with ecstasy.”

Hearing Kim reference a “designer” for the show “production manager” gave me feelings beyond my capacity to put into words.

I will be performing in a professional show that I have written on the stage I built 36 years ago. Kim had these amazing quotes by famous authors about “going home again.” I feel like God’s favored son.

The theatre had its inaugural opening in 1977. North Shore Live, the first professional show I conceived and produced, had its opening there in 198? And now HoMe will open there next year.

I ask myself: Why me? I ask myself: Why all this good fortune now (HoMe, my book maybe going big, Warren’s belief in Knock Knock as a movie)? I worry it’s all a joke, and some nasty punch-line is coming.

Earth-shattering news like this shifts me into a different state of consciousness. Things become hyper-real. I am a person whose play is going to be produced, getting on the Seabus. I am a person whose play is going to be produced, walking home…. And I want to tell people without seeming boastful. How do you do that? …Oh, before you go, … Oh, speaking of June…

I also ponder. I wonder why I didn’t write creatively before. Why was I always taking on big administrative projects? I thing there are two big reasons. One: I love problem solving for reward. It started with marks and scholarships and my porjects were like puzzles to me. Second: Salary.

But the exhilaration of this past two weeks was worth the wait. On the cusp of becoming a (non self-) published author and definitely soon:  produced playwright and screenwriter. Fucking, pinch me.

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