Thursday, May 8, 2014

Me and Mania

I am so up and happy about life. Is it valid or a mild mania?

Ten days ago I met with Kim Selody, the Artistic Director at Presentation House (PH) in North Vancouver (as I mentioned earlier here on the blog) and I came home with a challenge: Could I write a show for the space and could I do it quickly enough to be able to learn it and do it next Spring?

The answer is, Yes! I am loving working on another show. LOVING it! My only other show, Knock Knock, was a musical about finding my birth mother. I am calling this show HoMe. It is about my time with Presentation House but it will not be a boring linear narrative—if you know me at all, you'll know that's true!

I've "crunched the numbers" and I can't believe it. The numbers are speaking to me. They say there are sufficient profits to be made with tickets at $25 - $30 (the higher end if it is a fundraiser for PH) to absolutely do the show. Not only that, I have two more shows in me: Failed Expectations or Mistakes about the disasters in my life and Dirty Panties about my travels.

Or my medications may be changed.

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