Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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I tremble. I have reached page 40 of Draft 2 of HoMe. I have 19 pages more to go and then I must read it out loud or have someone read it out loud to me in do Draft #3. But Draft #2 will be good enough for people to evaluate its worthiness as an evening's entertainment and make suggestions that will also be part of Draft #3.

  • I walked the seawall today in the mild heat. I hate heat now.
  • revisited my notes from the Speech Therapist I saw long ago and I did the exercises today and I believe they help my voice. It's a little weird walking the seawall and doing vocal exercises.
  • Lunch with two good friends tomorrow.
  • First visit with a new, second, respirologist on Thursday.
  • Meeting #2 about my play next week. What a world.

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