Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mr. Generous, Warren Kimmel

When I was in my twenties and a brand new teacher, another teacher and I took a large group of students on an overnight hike to singing pass. Almost as soon as we got there, David Milner slid down some ice and broke his hip so we tied him to a ladder we found outside a ranger’s cabin inside two sleeping bags. The next morning we carried him down. The six of us who carried him developed an intense sense of camaraderie that has lasted our lifetimes.

When I performed Knock Knock, a play I had wrote, I had the same feeling with my fellow cast mates who were going through a major life event with me—particularly with Warren. Every night, I forgot where I was—not my lines, where I was—and Warren would say one word, and I’d know where I was and be off again until the end of the play. He had my back every performance.

Ever since meeting reading my script he has advocated turning my story into a film. Today he called and for the third or fourth time, got wound up telling me the reasons for his passion for my story and his faith in it. Today, he gave me a gift of confidence I will never forget. He is such a prince. We are getting together to storyboard a script that I will then flush out under his direction. Partners. I feel so blessed. 

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