Wednesday, May 21, 2014


As I write, I await:
  • a call from the Ear Nose and Throat doctor about fixing my voice (of greater concern as my teaching starts in two weeks and I have a show to do next Spring).
  • a call from St. Paul's about a date for my impending (mini) lung operation.
  • a call from David at McGraw Hill about taking my book national.
  • Warren's arrival in half an hour to begin working on a screenplay for stage script #1: Knock Knock
  • to leave for Presentation House for a noon meeting about stage script #2: HoMe
  • time to draft my script for The Flame on June 4th—got invited yesterday to perform.

And unquestioningly and absolutely, the best part of all this recent activity is that I am not driving the non-medical ones. David is driving the development of my book, Artist Survival Skills; Warren is driving the KK screenplay and Kim is driving HoMe. They are the drivers and navigators and I am the gasoline.

The screenplay has been a non-starter with me ever since Warren first mentioned it. He has had a vision of my story as a film since rehearsals for the play but I never knew what to do about it. Just this week he called with an action plan and step one was watching Les Garçons Et Guillaume, à Table! that is the  funniest film I have ever seen performed by an extraordinary man—my new  passion: Guillaume Gallienne.

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