Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mania is GOOD!

DR, Dianne, Dana (back, L to R) Jane and I had brunch today in Dianne's back yard.
April 30th 2014
I meet with Kim Selody to talk about doing a show at Presentation House. A fundraiser like Knock Knock was, but for Presentation House. We didn't talk too much about it, just a couple of broad strokes.

May 11th, 2014
Eleven days later I have a working title that I really like and a completed first draft. It is a first draft, but it is not rough; it is a strong draft. it is not an outline, it is a full script: 18,000 words and 57 double-spaced pages.

It's called HoMe and it is about creating the programming policies for Presentation House, turning it from an amateur arts centre into a professionally run and curated centre. And it is about me growing up because it was my first job. Here is a scene summary:
  1. The first scene is about getting fired. This scene sets up the story.
  2. The second scene concerns my first year. It is written in the style of Anthony Trollope.
  3. Scene three is four 5-minute stories about my greatest thrills while at Presentation House.
  4. "Telegrams" is a scene of very short stories told from the point of view of people associated with Presentation House when I was there.
  5. This scene is about 10 things that happened that taught me something significant.
  6. This scene features a different guest speaker each night. The guest tells a single story.
  7. The scene is about getting fired the second and last time and wraps up the show.
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