Friday, June 10, 2016

Ice Cream Cake #2:

I’m in house arrest again; it was a shock and a disappointment to have a seizure yesterday. So I decided to work on another ice cream “cake.” This one was much easier to make than my first.

For one thing, it is three simple layers as you see in Neapolitan. But I have made mine with pistachio (green), orange and passion fruit (yellow) and I made them rich with flavour. Then I coated them with finely ground pistachios.

I have to work on the coatings. This was really hard to do, but I was not happy with the chocolate coating I used in #1 because it cracks when you cut the cake. It shatters and falls off the ice cream. I think if I keep practicing with powdered coatings, I will improve the look. it's the sides that are so difficult.

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