Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vancouver is Cool (as in temperature)

Kamloops is on the Banks of the Thompson River

There's not much to do in Kamloops but, boy, is it a lovely little town. It's the perfect size city for me but I could never move to live in a city that gets this hot. It was thirty-five life-sucking degrees here yesterday. When I went anywhere, I walked at a snail's pace and only in the shade.

I spent most of the morning in Riverside Park watching marmots and flickers as I meandered through its shadiest sections. Then I met Dwight for a late lunch before spending the afternoon in my air conditioned room napping, writing and reading. I got some Proseco and snacks to share with Dwight after he finished his work.

He got here at around six and at seven-thirty, we headed back to Terra for a final meal together before returning home. As we arrived back, there was a fellow having a smoke outside whom Dwight had met in the elevator. He is a classic Coronation Street labour-loving Brit and listening to him talk about Corbyn, Johnson, Cameron, immigration and their NHS was like actually being in the TV series.

Later this morning I will meet Dwight for breakfast and then I will head home to where the weather is supposed to change. It's going to be sunny all day today, here and there, but as I drive the temperature will slowly drop to the low twenties where it will stay for the weekend. I'm more than okay with that.

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