Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Kamloops Adventure

I am thoroughly enjoying my Kamloops adventure. I’m writing this post in my huge bed in my deluxe suite. I have five pillows to give me perfect support. I took a suite and it’s on the floor with the swimming pool. It’s 31° here in the afternoon and the night is hot too, so the pool is vital.
I went to Dr. Shoja in the morning so that I’d be leaving with a clear head and I was rollin’ down the highway immediately afterwards. I pulled out of the city at noon. The top down, of course; I have a hot fire engine red Fiat, for God’s sake. I had to. It’s the best time to be bald.
It was a 3.5-hour fabulous drive. I was nervous driving my new tiny Fiat on the highway but the experience has bolstered my confidence about the drive home.  It’s very noisy driving with the top down at speeds between 120 and 140 kilometers and hour; I couldn’t listen to my music. But the views, Boss, the views!
I spent the first hour was spent getting out of the lower mainland. You know you’re in Chilliwack by the smell of manure. But hey, it’s one of nature’s perfumes. Then came the first sighting of Mount Baker. It’s a little like seeing God.
It has a glorious shape and an enormous white crown that shines like a spotlight in the summer sun. It’s an amazing thing to see; since childhood, volcanoes and everything geographic has fascinated me. Seeing it so close and bright, I felt as I did when I visited the Vatican.
From then on, the views were spectacular. My God, I love BC! I left from the bank of the Pacific Ocean, passed an active and magnificent volcano, traversed huge wild roaring rivers and drove over through and around stunning sheer-faced mountains.  
Within an hour of checking in, Dwight was at my door. We went to the pool, but it is just too hot for me to enjoy myself and the noise and bustle of all the people made me want to go back to my air conditioned and quiet room, so we set out to find a place to eat.
The choices had not seemed great online but I didn’t care; the company was perfect. But on the way to the place we’d reluctantly chosen, we passed, Terra. One look at the place and its proud commitment to local food and I was interested. The genuine casual welcoming hostess who greeted us convinced us to stay.
It was truly one of the most memorable dining experiences I’ve had. It has a quiet, unpretentious interior and the food—and its presentation—was impeccable. But more than anything else, it was the delight of discovery that made the night unforgettable. And I mean that. I had given up all hope of fine dining and there is nothing better than unexpected perfection.
We walked in the riverside park after dinner; I am smitten with Kamloops. It’s a perfect size, the downtown is clean and our hotel is right beside the art gallery and library. There’s a theatre company here and there’s also a huge community centre. (I forgot my camera cable, so I cannot post photos easily. I may try from my phone later.)
I am very glad I came. I think Dwight enjoys the distraction of my company. We are meeting later for lunch and tonight, Terra again. Last night, I could not stop telling Dwight and the staff how perfect their place is. They will know how much I meant it when we walk in again tonight and ask to be seated at Rebecca’s station.

Really! There is naught better than fine dinning in the heat of high summer after a swim and champagne—all in such excellent company.

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