Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Take-Away Dining

I’ve lost my mojo in the kitchen since my crisis, so last night I tried something new. I bought take-away food (Indian) and supplemented it with a bit of some of my own dishes. What an easy way to entertain compared to what I usually do.

My guests were John and Linda. Linda came on a trip I organized; I rented a train car to go to Expo 67 in Montreal. John wrote all the music for my play, Knock Knock. We’re good friends.

I stuttered like mad at first and had a seizure or two, but once we settled in with champagne and watched the sun set. I love happy hour with friends on a summer night; nothing beats it. And to think, I never drank until I was 67 years old.

I’m feeling the itch to do some long-form writing. Why not? I’m all home all day with nothing to do and my condition is giving me a new take on just about all I see. Doing the booklet, whetted my appetite to create.

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