Sunday, June 19, 2016

What the Hell Happened to Chris

This is the cover of a booklet I've made for my friends.
I am getting several printed this week.

Friday was a lovely day. I took my meds and headed off to Bowen Island to see two friends, a long-time friend and his nephew who are both named David van Berckel. It was glorious and sunny and all we did was walk through David and Aubin's farm/garden eating fruit and fresh vegetables.

Saturday was very different. I stayed home so I could enjoy an unmedicated day. It was gloomy and the rain poured down so I spent all day on a new project: I am going to print some little  (4" by 6") eight-page booklets to give to my friends.

The booklets explain a bit about what C-PTSD is and how it affects me. But their true purpose is to explain what to do if I have a seizure and about my "time outs." I have a had signal for "time out" that I use to explain why I become silent and to ask for quiet from my visitor(s).

It felt so good to be designing something again... like old times.

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