Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Medical Pow Wow / Hertzog's Trailer; Turn it Off; Burger Chef

My GP is almost a friend after decades of appointments. I was at his house for dinner the night before all this PTSD stuff started. He saw my autobiographical play and today he saw me have a seizure; he understands the connection. From him, I got my first practical advice about how to “fight back” against the seizures today. I also got his support for my disinclination to take drugs.

He is going to talk to my psychiatrist tomorrow and I am very happy about that; he is a great advocate. I feel a strong allegiance and that he will help me learn how to live with the seizures. I’ve had two today.

His palpable joy in hearing about how great and seizure free life is here in my home made me feel great. It helps me to not feel guilty about staying here. I am so safe here.

Today I made hazelnut ice cream “cup cakes” that I topped with shaved chocolate.

Werner Hertzog has made a film about the explosion of information and the Internet called Lo and Behold. I’ve long had a fascination with the story of the Internet — not the technical story, but the story of the people who made the major contributions to not only the Internet but also, personal computers. I can hardly wait to see this film.

For the Equity fights AIDs annual Easter Bonnet Competition, Broadway actors do musical scenes that involve huge, ridiculous hats and that spoof hit shows. Here, Max von Essen and Brandon Uranowitz from American in Paris, do a spoof of Turn it Off from Book of Mormon to tell people to turn their cell phones off.

The CBC pricks the egos of all the pretentious chefs and cooking shows in this video.

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