Tuesday, January 16, 2024


Last night, the sunset made the wispy clouds in the sky turn a very bright pink, and pink light turned the snow-covered ground into a pastel landscape of unparalleled beauty. It was a lovely end to a wonderful leisurely day. I love having nothing to do. I love being able to do whatever I want … which is mostly nothing.

After a couple of years without seeing her, I decide to go back to Dr. Shoja. It’s new and obnoxious physical symptoms that have me going back. In the second session she puts me on a new medication to help with the pain in my neck and shoulders from head bobbing and shoulder rising. I feel it is a good drug. Or is that placebo effect? In the third session, Dr. Shoja uses the term, ‘neglect,’ and that ramps up the intensity of my symptoms. One night, I can’t stand watching television any more because of all the triggers in the movies. So, I sit down to write, and the exercise leads to my epiphany.

My physical symptoms all but disappear. As well, I have much, much more control over my symptoms. It’s truly remarkable. Is my dramatic change due to the drug, the epiphany, or both? I would not have had the epiphany if Dr. Shoja had not used the word, ‘neglect.’  I’ll be forever grateful to her for that.

More fodder for my next appointment. 

My friend Dwight has some family concerns. For several years, we have kept our friendship alive in a dialogue I call Driving with Dwight. Often, when he is driving in his car, he calls me, and we talk while he is driving. Often, we hang up, he does some shopping or his errand, and he calls back and we talk while he drives home.

Lately, I’ve been feeling great because he’s valued recent practical suggestions that I made to help him relate to a family member. I am held together by his friendship, so to be able to give back by being good counsel is gratifying. He called me to tell me that he’s flying to Nanaimo on the 30th. So, he’s coming here after work that day, and leaving late in the afternoon on the following day.

I’m reading Life after Life, by Kate Atkinson, and I was hooked quite quickly. I love her writing in this book. I’ll probably get a second book and see how it goes. I’d have to think hard and find examples to be specific about what thrills me in her style. All I can say now, is that I’m very excited to see where this book goes. I’ve only just begun the book.

It’s -7° this morning, but I am carefree and warm inside the house. I kept the fire going all night again last night. We’ve only today and tomorrow to get through, then we’ll be back into plus temperatures and rain. More reading, more putzing and more walking; it’s just another day at Pinecone Park.

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