Friday, April 5, 2024

Life is Dull & That's a Good Thing!

I didn’t blog yesterday because there was nothing to report, and that sense of ‘nothing going on’ was heightened by reading Beth’s blog and Bruce’s emails. Both my friends are vacationing in Europe, doing, seeing and eating very appealing things. After surrogate travelling with them, my life seemed particularly dull.

Yesterday was just as dull. It’s been too cold for me to enjoy working outside for any length of time in the mornings, but the afternoons are warmer and bright and sunny. I’ve to go to fitness this morning, but later, I’ve plants to plant and there’s lots to do cleaning the surface of the gardens. Plus, I’ve still got considerable forest fall to remove in one part of the backyard.

Andrew and Dave got started on their massive job of building Dave and Ursula’s yurt yesterday. Their first task is building the floor on top of the foundation. Once that’s done, the kit will arrive—the kit being a monstrous package containing everything required to build the yurt. I really enjoy watching the progress. Dave and Andrew welcome myvisits.

It’s really a beautiful day today. I may take some time to read in the sunshine for a break from working on the yard and gardens today because the coming days may be wet before the sunshine returns. I’ll go past Pete’s today to give him a list of things to buy for me at the nursery he’s visiting tomorrow.

Although my life is profoundly routine and dull, I continue to feel that I’m as happy as I could possibly be. I don’t miss the city or travel; I’m very, very content with my dull life. With so much time alone, I rarely have a seizure now, and I’m barely aware of my speech problems because I am fluent with Fred, Ethel and Sheba.

Life is good!

 Hair Ice. We see it here often and everywhere.

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